6 years late in chasing my dreams 

Today WordPress sent me a congratulation message on the 6-year anniversary of this WordPress page. As you may notice however, the first published blog entry is only from a few weeks ago!

This was a poignant reminder to myself to get off my ass, push my sleeves up and get to work!

Six years ago I thought I would give a proper try at pursuing writing and maybe even one day lucky enough to call it my profession. I created this blog to share interesting and meaningful thoughts and hope to see it gain traction with an audience. Fear of failure, fear of criticism– in the end I left a bunch of stale essays saved in draft mode, never to be posted publicly.

In the end, I sat on my hands and didn’t pursue writing any further. I took up my day job as an accountant and that was that for the next 6 years.  
This reminder from WordPress comes at an opportune time for me. Progress is stagnating (procrastination my old friend, did you have to return so quickly?) as I begin working on a new idea. This reminder is the prod I needed to remember to not let another 6 years go past!

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take right? Even if my final work sucks, at least I’ll have finished writing it and given it a real try.


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